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Dan Palma

DanPalmaDan is an Osteosomatic Therapist. He has twenty years of experience providing relief of headache, neck, and back pain.

Dan uses a soft approach but dramatically effective touch to release your muscle tension, realign your spine, and teach you to maintain proper posture. This technique does not cause headache flare-ups like some chiropractic treatments can. It is safe and gentle enough for arthritis patients, and effective enough for strongly built athletes.

Dan received his training at the Institute for Advanced Somatic Studies, and honed his skills on the San Francisco 49er Football team. He has appeared on W5 talking about work-related injuries, and Noonday in San Jose, California, speaking on sports injuries.  For complete Bio Click Here.

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Dan’s training includes:

Dan is also a member of the Canadian Chinese Medical Acupuncture Association,
the American Society of Holistic Health Practitioners, and the International Academy of Clinical Acupuncture. He attended the University of Toronto from 1973-1977.

**Orthosomatics searches for and treats the cause of pain, and dysfunction of the muscular skeletal system, which helps to prevent reoccurrence, unlike many other forms of therapy that focus on alleviating the symptoms, which does not eliminate the cause of the problem.

**Orhtosomatic treatment is very efficient, which helps to minimize the number of visits you need. It also provides an alternative to taking pain killers for muscle, joint, body pain that in most cases creates other side effects and problems.

**Orthosomatic manual treatments reduces pain and improves function of the body by decreasing tensions and restrictions in your muscle, and joints. The patient is assessed and treated as a whole.

Restriction of motion within the body is often due to postural or traumatic stress causing tension to the muscles and fascias, which in turn affects the tissues and joints. Orthosomatics identifies these restriction and tensions of the tissues and through specific movements, releases of soft tissue adhesions allows for normal physiology to continue.