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About The Headache & Pain Relief Centre

Our Toronto pain, headache and migraine clinic has been in service for over 18 years. We have treated thousands of patients with all types of headaches and chronic pain conditions.


One of our strengths is patient education. All of us at the clinic enjoy teaching patients about headaches and chronic pain, and how to recognize the problems before they get out of control. We have reasonable treatment plans, bringing the patient back only as often as necessary. Most of our patients get better and are discharged from care after a few weeks. They are always encouraged to follow up with us as often as they would need or like to. Our emphasis is in solving the problem and giving the patient the tools and the confidence to keep it under control.

Our Approach

Our goal is to help you in eliminating or reducing the pain suffered through migraines, headaches and chronic pain.

New patients are seen and assessed by a medical doctor trained as a headache/pain specialist. Headache patients get 1 hour, other types of pain patients, 30-45 minutes.

Most patients complain they were seen for "5 minutes" by a neurologist or other specialist. We spend the extra time to try and figure out all the factors contributing to the headaches. As described above, most headache patients have many contributing causes and triggers. Unless you can diagnose and eliminate the majority of them at least, you have no chance of breaking this chronic headache pattern and giving someone their life back. Without neutralizing the triggers, you are stuck with covering up the headache with drugs, or temporarily stopping it with nerve blocks or hands-on therapy. Our goal is to get patients back to the stage where their headaches occur once in a while if at all, and simple measures work well when needed.


We have a truly interdisciplinary pain relief team. This means that each member knows what the other is doing with the patient, and is free to provide input into their care, make recommendations regarding what the patient needs, etc. We meet formally once weekly to discuss the most difficult pain problems of the week, and informally all the time as patients get treatment. Communication among team members is a priority.  This is clearly in the patient's best interest, can expedite treatment, save them trips in to the clinic (we try to schedule as many different treatments as we can on the same day for their convenience) and best of all, makes each team member's treatment that much more effective.


We feature numerous treatment disciplines at our clinic. We have registered physiotherapy and massage along with an osteopathic therapist. Osteopathic therapy is a gentle, hands-on treatment that is safe, soothing and effective. It does NOT stress the joints. Most of our patients have had some kind of neck injury or strain. We also have acupuncture and custom orthotics for back, knee and foot pain. We also have a Nutritionist and Psychologist available. Our facilitated referral system with a neurologist and a sleep lab allows us to send patients on an urgent basis if needed.

The advantage is that not every patient responds to each type of treatment. Some do better with massage, some exercise, others need acupuncture for relaxation. Most of our patients have so many triggers and so many physical problems that they may need several types of treatment to correct them all.  

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At the Headache & Pain Relief Centre you are assured of having a one stop treatment centre for your headache, migraine or chronic pain.