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Dr. Jeremy Sloan

Dr.Sloan_BioDr. Sloan has published 27 papers on anesthetic equipment and anesthesia for children, as well as
a Doctoral Thesis. He has addressed numerous Universities and Learned Societies in Canada, USA, Central and South America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Sloan is a member of the Board of the African Medical Research and Education Foundation and has experience working in underdeveloped countries in the Americas and Africa.

Fellowship of the Faculty of Anesthetists, Royal College of Surgeons of England; 1958
He administered his first anesthetic in March 1952, and arrived in Toronto for the World Congress in 1960 obtaining Certification, FRCPC and LMCC. Doctorate of Medicine, (Cape Town 1969) on Acidosis in Cardiac Anesthesia for Children.

Since joining the Canadian/US Working Group on Paediatric Anesthesia Equipment in 1963, and Steering Committee on Health Care Technology (in 1973), and as Chairman of the Technical Committee on Anesthesia and Respiratory Equipment since 1985, Jeremy has worked on many other Committees in the field of anesthesia, including writing standards for most items used in anesthesia, and Standards of Practice for anesthesia in Canada. Dr. Sloan was the first medically qualified Perfusionist in Canada.